Immersive, healing and restorative Adventures


Umoya Adventures is not your standard events company. Yes UA organises events, yes most of the events are endurance sport events and yes you will have the time of your life. That said what Umoya Adventures does is so much more. UA strives to fascilitate and enable people to step outside of their comfort zones, to step out of the their every day rush and unplug for a time, to reconnect to themselves, others and nature again and finally to simply breathe. 


You might do this at one of the flagship events, like Tankwa Crossing, your you might join a bespoke adventure or you might even contact Umoya Adventures to help with a novel adventure like chartering a helicopter for an unique art adventure on top of a high peak in the Drakensberg. 


We at Umoya Adventures are as passionate about your adventure as you are, whatever the adventure is

Hanno is an avid trail runner, birdwatcher, adventure junkie and serial stretcher of his own limits.

Hanno Langenhoven

Where it started

Umoya Adventures is a Hanno Langenhoven initiative, established 2020.

About us